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Agency Details and Benefits

  • Agency Size: 1001+ personnel
  • Founded Date:1874
  • Ride Along Program:Yes
  • Other Pay Incentives:Yes
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    In fulfillment of its mission, the Office of Community Complaints has pledged:

    * To encourage members of the community to file complaints when they feel they have experienced police misconduct.

    * To encourage active participation by all parties in the complaint process.

    * To examine carefully each investigative file to ensure that all efforts have been made to resolve the complaint.

    * To review all complaints with complete objectivity and impartiality.

    * To respect and protect the rights of both the community member and the subject officer.

    * To engage in community outreach throughout Kansas City, Mo., to educate the general public concerning the agency’s purpose.

    * To report to the Board of Police Commissioners any patterns of misconduct that are uncovered as a result of investigations and complaint review.

    * To report to the Board of Police Commissioners any and all relevant issues and policy matters that may arise.

    * To proactively identify trends that may need to be addressed by the Regional Police Academy for officer training.

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    • Starting Salary $53,100 - $61,900
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